Guild - Unexpected

Hunt list: Bambucza,Hannibal,George Minetti,Bartko,Windows

The guild was found on Memsoria on 23 January 2019.
It is led by Wasiak Ms.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
the Leader Wasiak Ms (Wladek Latawiec) 18926 Upskilled Archer
a Vice-Leader Princes Gala 21000 White Priest
a Member Eldi Shadow 13533 Black Witcher
  Eldo 14864 Upskilled Archer
  Jawhead 18643 Invicible Gladiator
  Prorok 12587 Upskilled Archer
  Shornexiak 16805 Upskilled Archer
  Xaelos 16482 White Priest
  Zerix Reter 15041 Invicible Gladiator

Number of Members in Guild:9
Number of online Members in Guild:2
Average level in Guild:16431
Highest level in Guild:Princes Gala
Lowest level in Guild:Prorok


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